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ZenRefresh™ - Purifying Air Mist

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Suggested Use:
Spray into the air of any area in need of refreshing or invigorating.
Do not use on sensitive areas. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. Please consult your doctor before using any essential oils.
Follow these storage recommendations to ensure proper care of your essential oils:
• Store in dark glass containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life.
• Keep in a dark area away from sunlight.
• Keep in a cool, dry place with a well-regulated temperature.
• Do not use or store near a heat source such as near a fire, candle, or stovetop.
• Keep the cap tightly closed on the bottle.

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Why ZenRefresh™?

We care about your health, that is why:

  • All our essential oil products are hand-blended in small batches for freshness and quality.  They are individually poured and labeled.
  • All our essential oil ingredients are 100% pure USDA certified organic and therapeutic grade.

All ingredients used in our essential oils are 100% USDA certified organic.


Lemongrass – USDA Certified Organic

Botanical NameCymbopogon flexuosus

Plant part: Leaves

Processing method: Steam-distilled

Origin: India

Description: Lemongrass is a fast-growing, tall, aromatic perennial grass that grows up to 4 feet in height. It is native to Asia, but is now cultivated mostly in the West Indies, Africa, and Tropical Asia.  It is a yellow to brownish-yellow liquid.

Product abstract: Lemongrass essential oil is known for its invigorating and cleansing properties. With its uplifting aroma, lemongrass essential oil strengthens the senses and can be used in the bath for soothing purposes. Traditional Indian medicine has used lemongrass

Clary Sage – USDA Certified Organic

Botanical NameSalvia officinalis

Plant part: Leaves

Processing method: Steam-distilled

Origin: Spain

Description: Sage essential oil has a herbaceous scent with strong musty notes, as well as a top note with a medium aroma. It is a thin, clear, pale yellow to greenish-yellow liquid.

Product abstract: Salvia officinalis from the Ladiatae family is also known as Garden Sage and True Sage. Sage is an evergreen perennial herb with a woody base, soft gray-green oval leaves and a mass of blue or violet flowers that can grow up to about 60 cm tall. The Latin word salvare means “heal” or “save”. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that it imparted wisdom, thus its name; and through the Middle Ages, it continued to be used for memory loss.

Black Pepper – USDA Certified Organic

Botanical namePiper nigrum

Plant part: Dried berries

Processing method: Steam-distilled

Origin: Sri Lanka

Description: A thin, colorless to greenish liquid.  A middle note with a medium aroma, black pepper essential oil has a sharp, spicy scent faintly reminiscent of clove.

Product abstract: This climbing woody vine uses trees or other supports to grow to about 20 feet high, but is normally kept to about 12 feet for commercial purposes and has a lifespan of about twenty years. The word 'pepper' is derived from the Latin word piper, which was taken from the Sanskrit word pippali. It has been used by the Greeks and Romans. The Turks levied a tax on pepper, and in the Middle Ages the Dutch, the French and the Portuguese often went to war to fight over this lucrative trade with the Far East.

Lemon – USDA Certified Organic

Botanical nameCitrus limonum

Plant part: Fruit peel

Processing method: Cold-pressed

Origin: Italy

Description: A top note with a strong aroma, it has a strong bright lemony scent. Its consistency is of a thin, colorless to greenish-yellow liquid.

Product abstract: The lemon tree was originally a small thorny evergreen tree native to India. It is now common in Southern Europe, Florida and California. The fruit was well known in Europe by the Middle Ages, and the Greeks and Romans were advocates of its properties. Lemon oil has been historically recognized as a cleanser, and lemons themselves reached the height of fame when the British Navy began using citrus fruits to counteract the effects of scurvy.

Eucalyptus – USDA Certified Organic

Botanical nameEucalyptus globulus

Plant part: Woods and leaves

Origin: China

Processing method: Steam-distilled

Description: A thin, clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid.  A top note with a strong aroma, Eucalyptus globulus has an herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones.

Product abstractEucalyptus globulus is also known as Blue Gum. It is a wonderful evergreen tree commonly found in Australia, which grows from 30 to 55 meters tall with long narrow bluish-green leaves and white-yellow flowers. Eucalyptus leaves are the favorite food of koalas, and have been used as traditional medicine by the aboriginal peoples of Australia. In the 1980s, the eucalyptus species and its hybrids were planted commercially in South Africa for the production of pulp and paper, and various other forest products. It has slowly evolved toward the production of essential oils.

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Retail: $49.99 $24.99

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