Formulated to multiply and activate your own adult stem cells*

Improve your quality of life without the side effects of invasive procedures*

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Your stem cells are the healers in your body. When you give stem cells the nutrients they need and we strengthen the immune system, healing occurs.

Understanding the function that stem cells play in our physical health and the importance of a strong immune system is critical to your health.

Stem cells travel throughout the body to repair and heal based on messages from your brain informing them where to travel. They support optimal organ and tissue function. As you age, the more stem cells you are able to produce in your bodies and the cleaner your body is the more your your stem cells will be able to keep regenerating and repairing you body.

Our formula is by far the best in the market.

Our proprietary recipe is made of the best plants and herbs found in nature. Completely natural, it is a perfect daily supplementation to your dietary protocol!

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Now with plant enzymes that aid in digestion.

Plant enzymes may alleviate both diarrhea and constipation as it easily absorbs water, and has been shown to normalize stools and combat acid reflux.

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"I was taking insulin and pills and everything; my sugar levels were between 177 and 200. The day before I took StemAlive™, StemLiver™ and StemDigest™, my sugar level was 216. The next day it dropped to 120; after that it was 98, 97, 95 and so on. From then on, those are the sugar levels that I'm having. I feel these products came from the heart of God."*

—R. Arroyo
Los Angeles, California


“I lost over 30 pounds in around 8 months taking StemLiver™, StemDigest™ in conjunction with StemAlive™. I feel and look great.”*

—M. Nichols
Phoenix, Arizona


“I was very skeptical about taking StemAlive™ at first, but I decided to give it a try. My rheumatoid arthritis pain had reached unbearable levels and was taking 4 to 16 Advil a day for many years just to take the edge off. After one week of taking StemAlive™, the pain drastically decreased. Later, I also changed my diet to 100% plant based with no animal products or processed foods, and the pain decreased to zero!”*

—M. Salas
Katy, Texas


“When my son was 8 years old, and due to his autism, he entered into a tremendous crisis. He would hit, kick, hit the walls, didn't speak, etc. I didn't know what was happening or how to control it. Since I started giving him StemAlive™, the changes in him are impressive. The crises have stopped, he has learned to speak, read, write, and now has self-control. He communicates, eats and sleeps very well. So we are very happy and grateful to God for having found StemAlive™.”*

—A. Marin
Weston, FL

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