The second largest organ in the human body, the liver filters or detoxifies over 100 gallons of blood each day, removing fats, metabolic byproducts, chemicals, environmental toxins, drugs and alcohol from the blood. It also stores energy (in the form of glycogen) and fat, decomposes red blood cells, and makes proteins that become part of blood plasma.

Our formula is by far the best in the market. Our proprietary recipe is made of the best plants and herbs found in nature. Completely natural, it is a perfect daily supplementation to your dietary protocol.

Our improved formula now contains more turmeric and milk thistle which work in synergy with the right amount of selenium. It now also contains organic peppermint which helps clean the liver, helping to eliminate harmful toxins, and organic grapefruit seed extract which provides antioxidants and fights bacteria.


StemLiver™ helps the liver filter out common environmental pollutants, additives, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics in our food, as well as chemicals from the drugs and medications we take.

Why is the liver important?

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body. It has many important metabolic functions. It converts the nutrients in our diets into substances that the body can use, stores these substances, and supplies cells with them when needed. It also takes up toxic substances and converts them into harmless substances or makes sure they are released from the body.

The liver provides clean, filtered blood, and therefore a cleaner environment for stem cells to travel throughout the body. Stem cells are the body's healers; they need a clean environment.

In normal fat metabolism the liver cells break down fats and produce energy. In the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, the liver helps to ensure that the level of sugar in your blood (blood glucose) stays constant. If someone’s blood sugar levels increase, for example after a meal, the liver removes sugar from blood supplied by the portal vein and stores it in the form of glycogen. If blood sugar levels are too low, the liver breaks down glycogen and releases sugar into the blood. Besides sugar, the liver also stores several vitamins (such as vitamin D and B12 and minerals (such as iron and copper), and releases them into the blood stream when needed.

Why StemLiver?

Key Benefits*

  • Helps with fatty liver by decreasing liver triglycerides*

  • Helps eliminate harmful toxicity*

  • Provides antioxidants and fights bacteria*

  • Helps strengthen metabolism*

  • Helps keep cleaner blood flow*

  • Supports digestion and liver function*

  • Natural ingredients that support a healthy liver.*

  • Milk Thistle helps in the prevention of toxins from entering the outer membrane of liver cells.*

  • Artichoke can be useful to decrease liver triglycerides.*

  • Dandelion Root supports digestion and liver function.*

  • Peppermint aids in cleaning the liver, helping to eliminate harmful toxins.*

  • Grapefruit Seed provides antioxidants and fights bacteria.*

  • Selenium strengthens the metabolism.*

Ingredients derived from 100% natural and organic plant sources.

Organic Turmeric

Turmeric is known to increase liver function. The active ingredient in turmeric called cumin has powerful biological properties and is used to relieve inflammation and pain. Turmeric's antioxidant effects may protect the liver from damage by toxins such as those found in medications. Turmeric has beneficial effects on digestive issues such as heartburn, stomach pain, heartburn (dyspepsia), stomach pain, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, jaundice, liver problems, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and gallbladder disorders. Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for bypass surgery, hemorrhage, high cholesterol, skin inflammation from radiation treatment, and fatigue.

Organic Milk Thistle

Milk thistle gets its name from the milky sap that comes out of the leaves when they are broken. The above ground parts and seeds are used to make medicine. The seeds are more commonly used and they contain the highest concentrations of the active compound, silymarin. Silymarin may help protect the liver from toxins by keeping them from attaching to the liver. Studies show that milk thistle may have protective effects on the liver, preventing toxin damage and promoting cell repair. Further, there is some evidence that milk thistle can be beneficial to help relieve symptoms of cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.

Organic Artichoke Leaf

The artichoke, Cynara scolymus, is one of the most ancient plants grown in the world, and its extracts, obtained from different parts of the plant (leaves, fruits and roots), have been used as indigestion remedies for centuries. The pharmacological and therapeutic effects of the artichoke on the liver had already been well known in the 17th century. Artichoke helps stimulate the production of bile, which helps remove toxins from the liver. Studies indicate that artichoke can stimulate the amount of mucous produced in the stomach lining, which protects the stomach from acid break down that can lead to ulcers. Artichoke contains protein, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C. In addition, artichoke has inulin, inulase, a bitter substance called cynarin and many other antioxidant compounds. Due to its various flavonoid compounds, the artichoke has anti-microbial, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects. The high content of lutein in artichokes makes them a powerful food against the effects of macular degeneration.

Organic Dandelion Root

While many people think of the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) as a pesky weed, it is chock full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals, such as iron, potassium, and zinc. Dandelion roots are used to detoxify the liver and gallbladder. In the past, dandelion roots and leaves were used to treat liver problems. Native Americans also boiled dandelion in water and took it to treat kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and upset stomach. The polysaccharides in dandelion are known to reduce stress on the liver and support its ability to produce bile. They also help the liver filter potentially harmful chemicals out of your food.

Organic Peppermint Powder

Peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint family that is a cross between watermint and spearmint. Native to Europe and Asia, it has been used for thousands of years for its pleasant taste and health benefits. Peppermint's benefits to the liver include improving the flow of bile, soothing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), helping reduce the intensity and frequency of-IBS related spasms as well as abdominal pain. Peppermint may relieve digestive symptoms, such as gas, bloating and indigestion. As peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever, it may diminish certain types of headaches.

Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract appears to have a protective effect on the liver against toxicity and damage. Studies show a reduction in the liver enzymes that indicate damage (also known as ALT) after treating with grapefruit seed extract.

Grapefruit seed extract contains potent compounds that can kill more than 60 types of bacteria and yeasts. For this reason, it is often used to help treat urinary tract infections. Grapefruit seed extract also contains many powerful antioxidants that can protect the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Grapefruit seed extract appears to protect the lining of the stomach by increasing blood flow. Several studies have shown that grapefruit seed extract has beneficial effects on blood pressure. Studies also indicate that grapefruit seed extract may help reduce risk of heart disease by inhibiting LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidation and reducing oxidation to heart tissue during times of stress. A reduction in oxidative stress also applies to kidneys by reducing inflammatory damage.

It is rich in essential oils, vitamin E, flavonoids and polyphenols — all of which act as antioxidants in the body. Naringenin (one of the key antioxidants found in grapefruit seed extract) may help enhance overall health by reducing inflammation, and possibly protecting against diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.


Selenium is a mineral found in the soil, and naturally appears in water and some foods. While people only need a very small amount, selenium plays a key role in the metabolism. Early research in China suggests that taking selenium for 2-5 years can reduce the occurrence of liver cancer. A large number of clinical studies have shown the health benefits of selenium for pancreatitis, thyroid problems, and hepatitis. Among healthy people in the U.S., selenium deficiencies are uncommon, but some health conditions -- such as HIV, Crohn's disease, and others -- are associated with low selenium levels. People who are fed intravenously are also at risk for low selenium.

Vegetarian Capsules

Vegetarian capsules are natural and totally vegan, as opposed to the gelatin capsules which are made from cows cartilage or other animal parts.

How to Take Our Supplements

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Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement for adults, take 3 capsules daily, preferably after meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

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